CLINICNCELL finalist NutraIngredients Europe Awards 2022 🏆🔬🧪🧬

CLINICNCELL is proud to be finalist of the 2022 European Contest NutraIngredients Europe Awards for the category Start-Up. In a sport spirit we wish best luck to the two others selected finalists 👍.

Winner will be celebrated on May 4th. 🏆🍾 #nutrition #innovations

ClinicnCell SAS proposes Ex Vivo Clinical Trials linking human metabolism to cellular biology. ClinicnCell is an academic-developed and protected innovative clinical approach that uses human circulating bioactive metabolites to determine their biological activity on any human cells. Thus, ClinicnCell provides robust human data regarding the health benefit of a nutritional product in more rapid (about 5-10X faster), more affordable (about 10X less expensive) and more mechanistic ways (mode of action in human) than any conventional clinical trials.

Using bioavailable human metabolites, ClinicnCell approach is more physiological than any in vitro assays. It also addresses ethical issues avoiding animal testing for physiological and mechanistic exploration.